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The Atlantian Business Solutions provides answers to problems, whether they are Individual, Corporate, Social or National, thinking outside of the institutionalised box is where we begin and the competition ends. Our motto Faithful in Adversity is a signal of our determination, resilience and strength to perform at our optimal peek during Peace Time and within adversity. Our team is made up of former Military, Police and Civilian staff, who have proudly served in specialist military units and have worked within civilian industries.      All of Our team are dedicated to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on a yearly basis, providing our clients with up to date knowledge and experience from the ground level upwards.   Working with us is never 9am till 5pm because the world operates 24 hours a day and so do we. Crime and or Disasters happens most often when everyone else is winding down or sleeping where as the Atlantian Teams are ready to go anywhere any time. Protecting People, Assets and developing individuals creates a safer environment to live and work within.       
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We have solutions for individuals - Starting in Business, wanting to retrain for a new career, wanting that promotion - Atlantian Business Solutions will help you. Contact Us now on 01572 - 729505 or Email: info@atlantianbsgroup.com 

Faithful in Adversity

Knowledge, Strength, Resilience and Performance Stand out from the crowd with Atlantian Solutions  
Our consultants and Technicians have worked and been deployed globally providing advice,training and environmental solutions that are innovative and technologically advanced, however sometimes the simple ideas work best, especially under adverse conditions. So there’s no need to worry about continuity, resilience or managing your project, we can do it for you or along side your own team to ensure consistency and independence. 
Railway Safety Solutions                 Flood Defence Solutions             Life/Business Coach Solutions
Anti Theft and Covert Solutions    Maritime & Aviation Solutions
Solutions - Design your own Equality Signs and Symbols to demonstrate you mean what you say, through positive action and attention to detail Any fool can stick a pre-made sign or symbol up, but not everyone will take the time & effort to actively participate from the Top to the Bottom
If we all saw each other as thermal images then discrimination wouldn’t exist - There is only one species on this Earth, the Human Species, living in harmony has so many  benefits for everyone
Need information or advice, Atlantian Life or Business Advisor can help find a Solution or Direct you to the most appropriate source of Solutions come in a multitude of formats - we help you find the answers, empowering you in the decision making of future solutions and problems - Our Mind Mentoring & Critical Positive Thinking System™ (MMCPT) Helps to make you more innovative and Creative therefore reducing the stress in Life and Business                                    
MMCPT Course MMCPT Course
For Individuals, Groups or Teams as the system works for Personal as well as Business Problems. Learn to workout Issues and problems whilst  understanding what makes people react in certain ways with this simple but informative variation of the Human Triangle you will be able to understand human psyche as well as solve work and personal problems. This system Gives you the edge over almost everyone creating Solutions
                       Please be aware the course requires dedication and it takes effort, so active participation and a willingness to have an open mind is essential                      The Best things take time and Effort - The Basic overview and corporate model and the life coach style weekly on a more personal level                                     We also have a Spiritual Discovery Level for those struggling with Religion or Faith and wishing to develop a further understanding of the world and the Universe in relation to the Question - Why are we here and why are there some many religions or faiths